Reflective Jewelry, Nails & Accessories

New Gowns Released

I am releasing my first gowns exclusively at the CCD mainstore at HollandCoast 2. You can get there by clicking the mainstore link on the Official CCD Pages.

Anna Gown in Red

The first one is the Anna collection. The Anna collection includes 7 colours
• Red
• Purple
• Orange
• Pink
• Green
• Blue
• Black

Anna is photographed with the Chayenne jewelry.

Boavista Gown in Blue

The second one that is released today is the Boavista Collection.

The Boavista collection includes 10 colours
• Black
• Blue
• Dark Blue
• Dark Green
• Green
• Pink
• Purple
• Red
• Turquoise
• Yellow

Boavista is photographed with the Catherine jewelry.

All these dresses are also included in a Fat Pack, with a discount of +/- 50%.
✔ The jewelry which is shown on the poster is included in the fat pack.
✘ For the single dresses, the jewelry is NOT included.



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