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Caithlin Carter

With the success of the CCD Fashion Show on the 10th of May, I decided to release all 20 of the outfits for sale at the CCD Mainstore – Holland Coast2.  Priced competitively at only $950L and with everything you need for a glamorous new look, these outfits consist of an elegant gown, exquisite jewelry, nails (non-gloved gowns) and lashes for a total designer makeover for your avatar.

I have included a few examples of these new releases in this post (below) but you can find more details here where each outfit is more comprehensively described and with a larger-format picture to accompany each design.  I hope you like my new designs and get as much pleasure wearing them as I did from making them.



Outfit 16

Outfit 9

Outfit 14

Outfit 19

Outfit 8

Outfit 5

Outfit 6

Outfit 3

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