Reflective Jewelry, Nails & Accessories

CCD - Advertising - Nails + Ring - RoyaltyYou never have to choose again, if you’re going to wear your prim nails OR your ring. For the first time in secondlife you can have both!!

I made 5 collections in total. Almost all the collections come in 10 different nail colours. Besides the colours, you can choose your favourite prim nail length as well, they come in short and in long. For all the pictures go to the page: Prim Nails + Ring on this blog.

The rings are made of reflective diamonds which gives this fabulous and realistic look. It shines, it sparkles and they look like real life diamonds.
All these items are available at the mainstore of CCD.

Come to the CCD mainstore to try the Demo’s!
You can find them in the Prim Nail area, on the desk of the nail studio.

CCD - Advertising - Nails + Ring - Elegance

CCD - Advertising - Nails + Ring - Roses


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