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Caithlin Interviewed in the SL Enquirer

SL Enquirer

Caithlin was recently interviewed by Lacy Muircastle of the SL Enquirer in her ‘Spotlight On‘ section of the popular online newspaper.  Answering questions about CCD, jewelry design as well as her real life jewelry preferences; this is a truly in-depth insight into CCD and Caithlin’s work here in SL.

Lacy writes “Jewellery serves only one purpose: it makes people happy, both those who give it and those who receive it. Jewellery celebrates special people and the significant moments in their lives. It creates and reflects beautiful memories. It also takes a special talent to design jewellery and in Second Life one of the most renowned jewellery designs is Caithlin Carter of CCD. I can personally attest to the fact that her work is absolutely stunning and visiting her store is always dangerous for the wallet.

Read the complete interview here.

Reflecting Diamonds Photo Contest – Overall Winner

Katherine Comet wearing 'Patty'

Overall Winner - Katherine Comet wearing 'Patty'

The overall winner of the CCD Reflecting Jewelry photo competition is Katherine Comet.  With a competition running over 3 months, there was an enormous selection of stunning photographs to enjoy and CCD received over 65 entries in total.  Of these entries, December’s photograph of Katherine Comet wearing Patty truly impressed, combining not only great technique and an excellent portrayal of CCD jewelry but also a real artistic flare and a great sense of elegance and beauty.

CCD Reflective Jewelry Competition - All Winners

The winners from each of the past months are shown in the montage above and all your contributions can be seen on the CCD Flickr page.  A huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who took the time to contribute photographs and sincere congratulations to Katherine for her truly inspiring winning entry.

Reflecting Diamonds Photo Contest – January Winners

First Place - Marijana Aries wearing 'Patty' and 'Royalty'

Second Place - Melanie Sautereau wearing 'Ode to Holland'

Third Place - Katherine Comet wearing 'Emily' and 'Elegance'

Congratulations to all the participants in this month’s competition.  Once again the standard of entries was exceptionally high and it was difficult to decide the winners.  However, with some beautiful photographs, congratulations are due to Marijana, Melanie and Katherine for their outstanding pictures and my thanks to all of you who contributed for participating.

All the entries can be seen on the CCD Flickr page and I hope to see more wonderful contributions to the next CCD competition which will be announced shortly.

New Year Sale – 50% Discount!!

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of CCD and the New Year, CCD is having a huge 50% off sale over 4 days. Everything in the store is on discount (except previously discounted items, gift cards and limited editions).

Grab your discount card in the mainstore at the entrance and follow the instructions before you start shopping.

Happy new year everyone!!!

Reflective Jewelry on ‘LooK-Book’

CCD LooK-Book Catalogue

Caithlin Carter Designs on LooK-Book

I have released a selection of my jewellery designs from CCD through LooK-Book.  LooK-Book is a new and exciting way of shopping where you can browse through my collections anywhere in Second Life and purchase jewellery for yourself or friends with a few simple clicks on a page.  Simply wear the LooK-Book and an easy-to-use catalogue appears in your viewer with everything you need to buy or gift your favourite jewellery.

Look-Book LogoThe CCD LooK-Book contains a special selection of my favourite collections and is automatically updated so, each time you wear the LooK-Book, you can be confident that you are seeing the very latest releases.

I have focussed on ‘Reflective Jewellery‘ in this catalogue in the following product categories:

  • Formal
  • Casual
  • Diamond Sets
  • Pearl Sets
  • Bestsellers
Look-Book Kiosk

LooK-Book Kiosk at CCD

I am especially proud of the unique reflective diamonds used in these collections as they look incredibly realistic with an exceptional sparkle and shine just like the highest quality real-life diamonds.  The CCD LooK-Book contains only discounted fatpacks so please visit my mainstore at HollandCoast 2 if you require individual items of jewellery or would like to see some of the other exciting collections available at Caithlin Carter Designs.

The CCD LooK-Book is available now at my mainstore.  Click the LooK-Book kiosk for your personal copy.

New to Second Life? – CCD Starter Pack Available Now

Starter Pack - Pic

Caithlin Carter Designs - Starter Pack

Great news for those of you who are new to Second Life.  Caithlin Carter Designs has produced a comprehensive package containing everything you need to create a glamorous and up-market look which is available completely free of charge to new avatars.  This starter pack contains fabulous CCD designs including jewelry, evening gown, shoes, shape and skin; everything you need to create an amazing appearance for your new avatar straight out of the box.

The starter pack includes items designed by Caithlin Carter and would usually cost $5000L but is available to new avatars at no cost at all.

Available now at my mainstore, this starter pack contains:

  • Skin
  • Shapes
  • Prim eye-lashes
  • Prim nails + ring
  • Necklace
  • Earrings
  • Gown
  • Eyebrow base
  • Diamond shoes
  • Hand animation HUD (for use with prim nails + ring)

Full easy-to-use instructions are also included (fitting information, CCD posestand, resize manual & prim nails FAQ).

CCD Windlight Settings

I am really pleased to tell you that I have created a special CCD Windlight setting which you can use in your Second Life viewer to optimise the appearance of my jewelry and enhance the appearance of your avatar’s skin.  Take a look at the ‘before and after’ picture below to see what a huge difference the CCD Windlight setting can make.

Windlight Before and After

Before and After (default lighting on the left vs CCD settings on the right)

If you would like to use these settings, I have created an easy-to-install XML file which you can download from the CCD website.  More details and full installation instructions can be found on the blog here.


Classic w/ Style Design Award

I’m very excited to have been nominated for the award of “Best Jewelry Designer” by Classic w/ Style.  The award ceremony is at 6:00 PM (SL time) on Friday the 5th of June at the Classic w/ Style sim here.   Please see the Diary Pages for more information about this event.

Classic w/ Style organise a number of award shows and competitions but, for me, the ‘Best Jewelry Designer’ award and presentation is a real high-spot in my calendar and I hope that you are able to support the event and come to watch the award presentations.

I’ve attached a link to the Classic w/ Style blog here and you can watch a YouTube video about them here.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me!


CCD Customer Survey

survey-_customer11Dear CCD Customers,

I have created a Customer Survey which you might like to take a few moments to complete.  The survey will help me to improve CCD and develop new products so I would appreciate your comments and your views about things.  This is your opportunity to shape the future of my store and the range of products for sale.

I will send a $100L gift-card to everyone who leaves a name and completes the questionnaire.  It will only take a few minutes of your time and will really help me to plan the future of CCD.

You will find the survey here.

Thank you


Update (29 March 2009)

Caithlin Carter

Caithlin Carter

This week has been soooooo busy!  I have lots of news for you and there has been so much going on with my designs and CCD, I hardly know where to begin.

Firstly, I want to thank those models who responded to my challenge to suggest a jewelry design.  I really enjoyed making the jewelry from the suggestions I received and I had a lot of fun turning your ideas into ‘reality’ here in SL.  I hope you like the designs I made for you and thank you again for your efforts and the hard work you put in to finding the inspiration for all of your wonderful ideas.

We also welcomed 2 new models since the last update and I am very pleased to announce the arrival of Beyonce Kuhn and Diconay Boa into the CCD modelling team.  You can find their profiles on the Model Pages of the CCD Blog here and it would be great if you could say ‘hi’ to them next time you see them modelling at the CCD mainstore.  They are both really friendly girls and I am so happy to have them as part of the CCD family.

I am also really proud to announce that CCD now has an Event Manager.  Marian Rexen has been a model at CCD for some time now and she loves anything to do with fashion and modelling.  She is also one of those people who knows everybody in SL and I am looking forward to some great CCD events and parties.  Look for updates in the Blog about this and I hope to see as many of you as possible joining us at the first CCD event in the near future.  Marian’s CCD profile can be found on the CCD Model Pages here or in the CCD Team here.

I am still hoping for more applications for some of the ‘specialist’ roles here at CCD.  I hope to make announcements soon about the Model Manager and FlickR Competition Manager but there still vacancies and, if you are a committed and hard-working person with an interest in SL fashion, I would love to hear from you.  Details of the available positions can be found here if you are interested in applying.

Latex Zemlja (LZ)

Latex Zemlja (LZ)

Lastly, that brings me on to the Blog and my wonderful friend Latex Zemlja (LZ) who has been so much help in putting this Blog together.  I hope you will agree that the Blog is a real success and a great showcase for my designs, CCD updates and, of course, the beautiful CCD models.  Together, LZ and I are slowly working on getting my entire range of designs onto the Blog and he has done an amazing job taking photographs of the models and helping with profiles on the Model Pages.  Please tell us what you think of the Blog by leaving comments and also tell your friends all about it so they can visit too.  I will do my best to keep the Blog fresh and interesting and you can expect regular updates filled with news and views as well as special announcements about new releases.