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New Release – Kat Reflective Jewelry

"Kat" - Reflective Jewelry (shown in white)

New from Caithlin Carter Designs, “Kat” Reflective Jewelry.  Available in white, gold and black, “Kat” comprises earrings, necklace and bracelets and is exquisitely designed to bring out the very best in CCD Reflective Diamonds.

As with all CCD Reflective Jewelry, “Kat” features the most amazing jewels and will look sumptuous and elegant with any outfit.  “Kat” will definitely turn heads so prepare to be noticed in this latest new release from Caithlin Carter.

"Kat" (gold)

"Kat" (black)

Reflective Jewelry on ‘LooK-Book’

CCD LooK-Book Catalogue

Caithlin Carter Designs on LooK-Book

I have released a selection of my jewellery designs from CCD through LooK-Book.  LooK-Book is a new and exciting way of shopping where you can browse through my collections anywhere in Second Life and purchase jewellery for yourself or friends with a few simple clicks on a page.  Simply wear the LooK-Book and an easy-to-use catalogue appears in your viewer with everything you need to buy or gift your favourite jewellery.

Look-Book LogoThe CCD LooK-Book contains a special selection of my favourite collections and is automatically updated so, each time you wear the LooK-Book, you can be confident that you are seeing the very latest releases.

I have focussed on ‘Reflective Jewellery‘ in this catalogue in the following product categories:

  • Formal
  • Casual
  • Diamond Sets
  • Pearl Sets
  • Bestsellers
Look-Book Kiosk

LooK-Book Kiosk at CCD

I am especially proud of the unique reflective diamonds used in these collections as they look incredibly realistic with an exceptional sparkle and shine just like the highest quality real-life diamonds.  The CCD LooK-Book contains only discounted fatpacks so please visit my mainstore at HollandCoast 2 if you require individual items of jewellery or would like to see some of the other exciting collections available at Caithlin Carter Designs.

The CCD LooK-Book is available now at my mainstore.  Click the LooK-Book kiosk for your personal copy.

Agnes Reflective Jewelry

'Agnes' - Reflective Jewelry

‘Agnes’ is the latest new release in the CCD range of Reflective Jewelry.  Available in black, gold or silver, Agnes comprises a necklace, earrings and bracelets and is also available in a discounted fatpack.

Less formal than most of my Reflective Jewelry, ‘Agnes’ will look stunning worn with any casual outfit or glamorous day-wear.  Just match the colour to your mood and the glittering reflective diamonds will set you apart from the crowd.

‘Agnes’ can be seen on the CCD blog here.

Miss Virtual World 2010

MVW 2010 Jewels

The final of Miss Virtual World 2010 will take place on Saturday the 19th of December at 11:00 AM SLT and I am very proud to be sponsoring this incredible event by designing an exclusive crown and matching jewels.  The top 5 finalists will each receive an exclusive CCD design which includes a tiara, earrings and a necklace.  I am very happy that CCD will be involved in this great occasion and I wish all the contestants of this prestigious event the very best of luck.

An article about Miss Virtual World 2010 and Caithlin Carter Designs sponsor jewelry can be seen on the BOSL blog here.

New to Second Life? – CCD Starter Pack Available Now

Starter Pack - Pic

Caithlin Carter Designs - Starter Pack

Great news for those of you who are new to Second Life.  Caithlin Carter Designs has produced a comprehensive package containing everything you need to create a glamorous and up-market look which is available completely free of charge to new avatars.  This starter pack contains fabulous CCD designs including jewelry, evening gown, shoes, shape and skin; everything you need to create an amazing appearance for your new avatar straight out of the box.

The starter pack includes items designed by Caithlin Carter and would usually cost $5000L but is available to new avatars at no cost at all.

Available now at my mainstore, this starter pack contains:

  • Skin
  • Shapes
  • Prim eye-lashes
  • Prim nails + ring
  • Necklace
  • Earrings
  • Gown
  • Eyebrow base
  • Diamond shoes
  • Hand animation HUD (for use with prim nails + ring)

Full easy-to-use instructions are also included (fitting information, CCD posestand, resize manual & prim nails FAQ).

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend Fashion Show (update)

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

CCD is taking part in a major fashion event on the 28th of November between 6 PM and 7 PM SLT.  The ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’ Fashion Show will showcase the work of selected top designers in Second Life including:

  • Caithlin Carter Designs
  • JCNY
  • Bandit
  • Paper Couture
  • Aluinn

Full details are available on the CCD Diary pages here and I have attached a landmark to the venue here.   This promises to be a really exciting event and, if you can make it, I hope to see you there.


Reflective Jewelry New Release – Ashley

CCD - Reflective Jewelry Set - Ashley (Fat Pack)

Ashley - Reflective Jewelry Set

Today, I released another Reflective Jewelry set.  ‘Ashley’ comprises an opulent necklace, earrings, ring and bracelet made of diamonds and pearls.  I’m really pleased with this latest design in the Reflective Jewelry family.  Please click here for more details.

CCD New Release: Reflective Jewelry!

CCD - Poster - Abigail - by Caithlin Carter

CCD released her reflective jewelry sets. On the sub pages of “4. Reflective Jewelry” you can find all the pictures of the released jewelry. By clicking the collection names below, you’ll go immediately to those pages.

Collections available in silver and gold. Includes: Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and fat packs

Collections available in silver, gold and black. Includes: Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, crowns and fat packs

Collections available in silver, gold and black. Includes: Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, crowns and fat packs

Other Reflective Jewelry Collections are available in silver. Includes: necklace, earrings, bracelets and fat packs.

CCD 62 New Releases!!

Hello everyone!!

I like to announce my 62 new releases.  Yes, 62! With these releases I make my entrance on new product groups too. To summarize it all for you, CCD releases:

You can find them in my CCD mainstore, to visit the store click here.

I’ll post the pictures of a jewelry set in here, the pictures of the other releases you can find on the specific pages. Just click the links above.

CCD - Ambrosia Jewelry setCCD - Ambrosia Necklace

CCD - Ambrosia EarringsCCD - Ambrosia Bracelets

I hope you like all the new items.


CCD FlickR Photo Competition – The Winners

Firstly, my congratulations and thanks to all of you who submitted photographs to the first CCD FlickR Photo Competition.  The standard of entries was very high and it was a tough job for the judges to decide the winners from such a strong field.  The judging panel were looking for elegance, beauty and a real flair for fashion as well as that extra ‘something’ which makes a great photograph and, after a great deal of deliberation, we decided that the winners should be:

First Place – Shantal Laval “ipnotic” – Shantal wins a cash prize of $5000L and a CCD Giftcard worth $2500L.

Second Place – Redhairgenie Cabassoun “Romance” – Redhairgenie wins a CCD Giftcard worth $1500L.

Third Place – Gabriella Trefusis “CCD Entry” – Gabriella wins a CCD Giftcard worth $1000L.

Shantal Laval "ipnotic" wearing 'Rose' jewelry 'Girl Next Door' nails 'Eveline' gown

Shantal Laval "ipnotic" wearing 'Rose' jewelry 'Girl Next Door' nails 'Eveline' gown

Model Shantal Laval.  Photographer Shantal Laval.  Shantals’ FlickR photo-stream can be seen here.

Redhairgenie "Romance" wearing 'Uma' gown ''Diva' nails & lashes 'Emma' jewelry

Redhairgenie "Romance" wearing 'Uma' gown ''Diva' lashes 'Emma' jewelry

Model Redhairgenie Cabassoun.  Photographer Hermes Kondor.  Redhairgenie’s FlickR photo-stream can be seen here and Hermes’ here.

Gabriella Trefusis "CCD Entry" wearing 'Stefany' gown 'Calleigh' jewelry 'Diva' nails 'Diva' lashes

Gabriella Trefusis "CCD Entry" wearing 'Stefany' gown 'Calleigh' jewelry 'Diva' nails 'Diva' lashes

Model Gabriella Trefusis.  Photographer Kaete Guisse.   Gabriella’s FlickR photo-stream can be seen here. and Kaete’s here.

Please click the photographs for a link to the full-size images on FlickR.  All of the outfits shown here (and more!) can be found at the CCD mainstore here.  Thank you once again to everyone who contributed to the competition and my congratulations to the winners.