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New Release – “Excellence” Prim Nails + Ring

Excellence Prim Nails + Ring

"Excellence" - Long Prim Nails + Ring

Available now at Caithlin Carter Designs in 10 amazing colours, “Excellence” Prim Nails + Ring.  This new release features a long nail design which blends incredible colours and textures with CCD diamonds as well as a ‘knot’ ring set featuring beautiful Reflective Diamonds.

“Excellence” takes earth tones and colours and combines these rich shades with the glistening glamour of scintillating diamonds.  Perfect with your favourite cocktail dress or your most elaborate formal gown, “Excellence” is a truly inspirational addition to your glamorous wardrobe.

CCD New Releases – ‘Ice Queen’ Jewelry Set & ‘Ice’ Prim Nails + Ring

CCD - Ice Queen

New from Caithlin Carter Designs, ‘Ice Queen’ jewelry set comprising snowflake earrings and a necklace.  Designed around a winter theme, ‘Ice Queen’ will set off any outfit over the festive season and will certainly help you get into the holiday mood.  Perfect for Christmas parties but also glamorous enough for formal gowns, ‘Ice Queen’ will truly complement your winter wardrobe.

CCD - Long Nails + Ring - Ice

'Ice' Prim Nails + Ring

Available in 10 gloriously rich colours, ‘Ice’ Prim Nails + Ring continues the winter theme at CCD.  Each nail is decorated with a snowflake motif and designed with the ‘Ice Queen’ jewelry set in mind.  These long prim nails are also available as a discounted fatpack.

Both new releases are available now at the CCD mainstore.

Celtic Prim Nails + Ring (New Release)

Celtic Prim Nails + Ring

‘Celtic’ Prim Nails + Ring are the first scripted nails from CCD so, when you purchase one nail colour, you have the option of changing the colour of the ring and nail art.  The scripts in ‘Celtic’ offer you the choice of black steel, gold or silver and, with a simple menu option, you are able to change the metal of the ring and nail art to match your mood or outfit.  ‘Celtic’ is available in 12 different colours and as a discounted fatpack.

See the complete Prim Nails + Ring collections here.

New to Second Life? – CCD Starter Pack Available Now

Starter Pack - Pic

Caithlin Carter Designs - Starter Pack

Great news for those of you who are new to Second Life.  Caithlin Carter Designs has produced a comprehensive package containing everything you need to create a glamorous and up-market look which is available completely free of charge to new avatars.  This starter pack contains fabulous CCD designs including jewelry, evening gown, shoes, shape and skin; everything you need to create an amazing appearance for your new avatar straight out of the box.

The starter pack includes items designed by Caithlin Carter and would usually cost $5000L but is available to new avatars at no cost at all.

Available now at my mainstore, this starter pack contains:

  • Skin
  • Shapes
  • Prim eye-lashes
  • Prim nails + ring
  • Necklace
  • Earrings
  • Gown
  • Eyebrow base
  • Diamond shoes
  • Hand animation HUD (for use with prim nails + ring)

Full easy-to-use instructions are also included (fitting information, CCD posestand, resize manual & prim nails FAQ).

Winners CCD Nails Photo Contest

I like to announce the winners of the CCD Nail Photo Contest of September:

1st place: redhairgenie Cabassoun
Winning pic: CCD Nails-redhairgenie_Cabassoun-Photo_3

CCD Nails - redhairgenie Cabassoun - Turquoise Diva Nails


2nd place:Brie Pinazzo:
Winning pic: CCD Nails-Brie Pinazzo_001

CCD Nails - Brie Pinazzo - Red Diva Nails


3rd place: Katherine Comet
Winning pic: CCD Nails – Katherine Comet – 3

CCD Nails - Katherine Comet - Green Diva Nails


Congratulations ladies!!

The winning pictures will be displayed on the CCD blog, in the mainstore and on the CCD Flickr page


Everyone who likes to wear prim nails too, but you don’t know how? Feel free to contact Caithlin Carter, I’m willing to help you out with that.

New Release – CCD Prim Nails

Diva Prim Nails

Today, I would like to announce my latest release – CCD Prim Nails in a huge range of vivid colours and exciting designs.  All my nail designs are available in various colours and you are also able to choose between long nails and short nails depending on your taste.

The unique collections are:

  • Diva Nails (long & short)
  • Girl Next Door (long and short)
  • Zipper (long)
  • Precious (short)
  • French Manicures  (short)
  • Wave (short)

Demos are available for both short and long nail designs so you are able to check which version you prefer before you purchase.

My new nails are available now in the CCD mainstore and more detail can be found in the Prim Nail section of my blog here.

Caithlin Carter