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CCD FlickR Photo Competition – The Winners

Firstly, my congratulations and thanks to all of you who submitted photographs to the first CCD FlickR Photo Competition.  The standard of entries was very high and it was a tough job for the judges to decide the winners from such a strong field.  The judging panel were looking for elegance, beauty and a real flair for fashion as well as that extra ‘something’ which makes a great photograph and, after a great deal of deliberation, we decided that the winners should be:

First Place – Shantal Laval “ipnotic” – Shantal wins a cash prize of $5000L and a CCD Giftcard worth $2500L.

Second Place – Redhairgenie Cabassoun “Romance” – Redhairgenie wins a CCD Giftcard worth $1500L.

Third Place – Gabriella Trefusis “CCD Entry” – Gabriella wins a CCD Giftcard worth $1000L.

Shantal Laval "ipnotic" wearing 'Rose' jewelry 'Girl Next Door' nails 'Eveline' gown

Shantal Laval "ipnotic" wearing 'Rose' jewelry 'Girl Next Door' nails 'Eveline' gown

Model Shantal Laval.  Photographer Shantal Laval.  Shantals’ FlickR photo-stream can be seen here.

Redhairgenie "Romance" wearing 'Uma' gown ''Diva' nails & lashes 'Emma' jewelry

Redhairgenie "Romance" wearing 'Uma' gown ''Diva' lashes 'Emma' jewelry

Model Redhairgenie Cabassoun.  Photographer Hermes Kondor.  Redhairgenie’s FlickR photo-stream can be seen here and Hermes’ here.

Gabriella Trefusis "CCD Entry" wearing 'Stefany' gown 'Calleigh' jewelry 'Diva' nails 'Diva' lashes

Gabriella Trefusis "CCD Entry" wearing 'Stefany' gown 'Calleigh' jewelry 'Diva' nails 'Diva' lashes

Model Gabriella Trefusis.  Photographer Kaete Guisse.   Gabriella’s FlickR photo-stream can be seen here. and Kaete’s here.

Please click the photographs for a link to the full-size images on FlickR.  All of the outfits shown here (and more!) can be found at the CCD mainstore here.  Thank you once again to everyone who contributed to the competition and my congratulations to the winners.


Classic w/ Style Design Award

I’m very excited to have been nominated for the award of “Best Jewelry Designer” by Classic w/ Style.  The award ceremony is at 6:00 PM (SL time) on Friday the 5th of June at the Classic w/ Style sim here.   Please see the Diary Pages for more information about this event.

Classic w/ Style organise a number of award shows and competitions but, for me, the ‘Best Jewelry Designer’ award and presentation is a real high-spot in my calendar and I hope that you are able to support the event and come to watch the award presentations.

I’ve attached a link to the Classic w/ Style blog here and you can watch a YouTube video about them here.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me!


CCD’s first photo contest!!

CCD is going to give 10,000 L$ away!

I’m so excited!  Two days ago we launched our first photo contest. If you would like to know more about this contest, click and visit the CCD Photo Contest page; here you will find all the information about the contest’s prizes, duration, theme, products, rules and how you can enter.

To visit the “flickr photo contest pool” you can click here or you can find the link in the sidebar under CCD’s official pages.

I can’t wait to see your fantastic pictures!

Caithlin xxx


Dear customers,

For those of you who are already members of the CCD update group, you’re probably aware of the latest news.  I rezzed a free gift in store; this free gift consists of a couple of nice bracelets in different sizes.  The bracelets are also modifiable.  Please visit my CCD Main Store to pick up your gift (my tip is that you look upstairs) 😉

This is what the gift box looks like:

Free Gift #01

Enjoy your gift!!


Update (7 May 2009)

The main things I wanted to share with you in this update were the Maseno Project II Garments of Hope fashion show and charity auction which took place on the 1st of May and the forthcoming CCD Fashion Show on the 10th of May.

Maseno Project

The Maseno Project helps to support children in the western Kenya orphanage Nest Rescue Center and, as this is such a wonderful charity and such a good cause, I wanted to sponsor an event and donate a unique piece of jewelry to be auctioned in aid of the children.  The event on the 1st of May was a huge success and featured a CCD model – Naiyah Dreamscape – as well as the event management skills of Marian  Rexen.  Nani Wrigglesworth, SterlingZen Harbour, Latex Zemlja and me were all in the audience to support as well and it was a lot of fun to see so many beautiful designs and our friends modelling them too. The show featured some of my jewelry designs from CCD as well as the work of a number of other designers (MariaElena Barbosa, Digit Darkes, Blacklace, Alphamale, Nonna Hedges, Sherona DeGroot, Ramona Planer, Naiyah Dreamscape and Z’Vogue design (by Zepher Dibou) but I think the highlight for me was the charity auction which closed the event and raised some serious money for the Maseno Project charity.

Miss Virtual World 2009 - Mimmi Boa - wearing a unique CCD design

Miss Virtual World 2009 - Mimmi Boa - wearing a unique CCD design

More pictures from this event can be found here.

I designed a unique one-off piece of jewelry which you can see being modelled by Mimmi Boa in the picture above.  A generous supporter paid $25000L for Mimmi’s outfit at the end of the auction and I was really proud to be part of this great event and help to raise such a huge sum of money!

Work is also underway on a CCD fashion show planned for the 10th of May at the Fashion in-Look Institute. CCD Models; Nani Wrigglesworth, Sheyla Mills, Shaz Bashly and PinkAngelStar69 String will model my jewelry and dress designs and the event is being organised by our Model Manager Naiyah Dreamscape who has done a great job organising the models and writing the script.  The event starts at 11:00 AM on Sunday the 10th of May at the Fashion in-Look Institute and I hope you can all be there.