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New Release – Belt – #01

Caithlin - Poster - Belt - #01 - Fatpack

These belts comes in multiple colours / earth tones:

  •  Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Brown
  • Dark Gray
  • Gray
  • White

The reflective diamonds on the belt are optional. That means you can wear/add the reflective diamonds on the front and on the back of the belt.

This belt gives you the abilty to match it with your trendy outfits, but also the classy and chic clothing.

If you prefer to resize the belt, I would like to advice you to draw a copy first. Then wear the belt plus the additions and resize them all the same percentage. This way you make sure the diamonds won’t be out of place.

Click here to purchase these belts.

After you purchased this necklace, please write a review. Though if you’re not satisfied with these belts, please let me know the reason and you will get your money back. Just send me your feedback and your transaction history. I want to provide every avatar in Second Life the best quality accessories.

Caithlin - Poster - Belt - #01 - Black - inclCaithlin - Poster - Belt - #01 - Black - exclCaithlin - Poster - Belt - #01 - Dark Brown - inclCaithlin - Poster - Belt - #01 - Dark Brown - exclCaithlin - Poster - Belt - #01 - Brown - inclCaithlin - Poster - Belt - #01 - Brown - exclCaithlin - Poster - Belt - #01 - Dark Gray - inclCaithlin - Poster - Belt - #01 - Dark Gray - exclCaithlin - Poster - Belt - #01 - Gray - inclCaithlin - Poster - Belt - #01 - Gray - exclCaithlin - Poster - Belt - #01 - White - inclCaithlin - Poster - Belt - #01 - White - exclCaithlin - Poster - Belt - #01 - Back

New release – Necklace – #02

Caithlin - Poster - Necklace - #02

This necklace is actually a multiple version necklace. You will get 1 necklace with 5 additional necklace strings. That gives you the ability to have a total of 6 diamond strings around your neck. You can customize it just the way you like. It’s totally up to you how subtile or how prominent you like your necklace to be. The reflective diamonds give you that realistic and subtile sparkle. And with 6 strings you will be dazzled. The permissions of this ring is: Copy and Resize. Specifications:  Shape: #02  Diamond size: 30  Amount of prims: 178 to 839

How does it work? Wear the main necklace and ‘add’ as many additional necklaces as you want.

Click here to purchase this necklace.

After you purchased this necklace, please write a review. Though if you’re not satisfied with this necklace, please let me know the reason and you will get your money back. Just send me your feedback and your transaction history. I want to provide every avatar in Second Life the best quality accessories.

Caithlin - Poster - Necklace - #02-6Caithlin - Poster - Necklace - #02-5Caithlin - Poster - Necklace - #02-4Caithlin - Poster - Necklace - #02-3Caithlin - Poster - Necklace - #02-2Caithlin - Poster - Necklace - #02-1

CCD – Miss Virtual World Crown 2011

Miss Virtual World

I think the poster says enough already.
CCD – Caithlin Carter Designs created the miss virtual world crown of 2011. It is a great honour to participate in this fabulous pageant. The MVW jewelry includes a crown, earrings and headband (last is shown underneath the crown). The headbands will be given to the Miss Virtual World finalists.

I would like to say thanks to:
– Cherie Parker for this fabulous picture

(Left to Right)
– Miss Virtual World 2008 – Isabel Brocco
– Miss Virtual World 2010 – Miaa Rebane
– Miss Virtual World 2009 – Mimmi Boa

And of course Frolic Mills for organizing such amazing pageant.

x Caithlin Carter

NEW! Eye make up

Five new eye make-up collections for Second Life Viewer 2 users are now available at Caithlin Carter Designs.

The advantages of this kind of make-up are:

  • You are able to combine each type of make-up with every skin you have
  • You can save money by avoiding multiple purchases of skins to have a variety of make-up
  • This make-up does NOT interfere with your skin tone
  • You can customize your look every day for only 145L$ per make-up set

In the CCD mainstore you can find the single make-up sets and also a discounted fat pack. The cost of a fat pack is 100 L$ per make-up set. Please do try the demo before you make any purchases.

Welcome to the new possibilities of Second Life Viewer 2!

New Release – Kat Reflective Jewelry

"Kat" - Reflective Jewelry (shown in white)

New from Caithlin Carter Designs, “Kat” Reflective Jewelry.  Available in white, gold and black, “Kat” comprises earrings, necklace and bracelets and is exquisitely designed to bring out the very best in CCD Reflective Diamonds.

As with all CCD Reflective Jewelry, “Kat” features the most amazing jewels and will look sumptuous and elegant with any outfit.  “Kat” will definitely turn heads so prepare to be noticed in this latest new release from Caithlin Carter.

"Kat" (gold)

"Kat" (black)

New Release – “Excellence” Prim Nails + Ring

Excellence Prim Nails + Ring

"Excellence" - Long Prim Nails + Ring

Available now at Caithlin Carter Designs in 10 amazing colours, “Excellence” Prim Nails + Ring.  This new release features a long nail design which blends incredible colours and textures with CCD diamonds as well as a ‘knot’ ring set featuring beautiful Reflective Diamonds.

“Excellence” takes earth tones and colours and combines these rich shades with the glistening glamour of scintillating diamonds.  Perfect with your favourite cocktail dress or your most elaborate formal gown, “Excellence” is a truly inspirational addition to your glamorous wardrobe.

New Releases – CCD Gowns


Samantha Wedding Gown (White) - detail

Available now at the CCD mainstore, Caithlin has released a collection of evening gowns and bridal wear.  The complete collection can be seen on the product pages of the CCD Blog here.

The wedding gowns ‘Samantha’ and ‘Veronique’ feature exquisite detailing and a variety of skirts and prim accessories.  Matched with elegant reflective diamond jewelry and a wide choice of wedding rings (also available at the CCD mainstore), your complete wedding ensemble is now available in just one location.

Released in 12 sumptuous colours, ‘Uma’, ‘Ingrid’ and ‘Olilly’ teams beautiful haute couture design with ultimate flexibility.  Each evening gown comes with a choice of long or short designs and an array of prim accessories to suit your taste or mood.  With a choice of long skirt for the evening gown or shorter skirt for a more ‘cocktail dress’ look, these new CCD releases are appropriate for almost any occasion.













New Year Sale – 50% Discount!!

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of CCD and the New Year, CCD is having a huge 50% off sale over 4 days. Everything in the store is on discount (except previously discounted items, gift cards and limited editions).

Grab your discount card in the mainstore at the entrance and follow the instructions before you start shopping.

Happy new year everyone!!!

CCD New Releases – ‘Ice Queen’ Jewelry Set & ‘Ice’ Prim Nails + Ring

CCD - Ice Queen

New from Caithlin Carter Designs, ‘Ice Queen’ jewelry set comprising snowflake earrings and a necklace.  Designed around a winter theme, ‘Ice Queen’ will set off any outfit over the festive season and will certainly help you get into the holiday mood.  Perfect for Christmas parties but also glamorous enough for formal gowns, ‘Ice Queen’ will truly complement your winter wardrobe.

CCD - Long Nails + Ring - Ice

'Ice' Prim Nails + Ring

Available in 10 gloriously rich colours, ‘Ice’ Prim Nails + Ring continues the winter theme at CCD.  Each nail is decorated with a snowflake motif and designed with the ‘Ice Queen’ jewelry set in mind.  These long prim nails are also available as a discounted fatpack.

Both new releases are available now at the CCD mainstore.

Agnes Reflective Jewelry

'Agnes' - Reflective Jewelry

‘Agnes’ is the latest new release in the CCD range of Reflective Jewelry.  Available in black, gold or silver, Agnes comprises a necklace, earrings and bracelets and is also available in a discounted fatpack.

Less formal than most of my Reflective Jewelry, ‘Agnes’ will look stunning worn with any casual outfit or glamorous day-wear.  Just match the colour to your mood and the glittering reflective diamonds will set you apart from the crowd.

‘Agnes’ can be seen on the CCD blog here.