Reflective Jewelry, Nails & Accessories

* Designer: Caithlin Carter

Hello to anyone who is curious enough to read a little more about me here in my Blog.  I am the owner of CCD and design everything that is available to buy at the store.  I’ve been designing jewelry for as long as I can remember in SL and have been happily running CCD since January 2008.

I specialised in the design of Reflective Jewelry.  Reflective Jewelry is, in my opinion, the most realistic jewelry available in Second Life;  it sparkles, it shines and really makes you say “wow”.  The use of advanced techniques gives the jewelry this exquisite look.  If you would like to see it for real in Second Life, please visit my store.  My models can wear the designs for you and I have rezzed a few items in showcases around my store.  You can also see pictures of Reflective Jewelry on my Blog here.  Each Reflective Jewelry collection has its own page.

I speak Dutch and English.  Here in SL, as well as designing jewelry, I do enjoy building and just generally being creative as well as running my business and hanging out with my friends. I find designing jewelry and running a business rewarding and challenging in equal measure so I’m happy to spend my time ‘working’ even though it doesn’t feel like real work at all most of the time.

I really do hope that you enjoy my blog and I look forward to seeing you at CCD sometime soon.


PS – Visit my Second Life profile here.

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