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NEW! Eye make up

Five new eye make-up collections for Second Life Viewer 2 users are now available at Caithlin Carter Designs.

The advantages of this kind of make-up are:

  • You are able to combine each type of make-up with every skin you have
  • You can save money by avoiding multiple purchases of skins to have a variety of make-up
  • This make-up does NOT interfere with your skin tone
  • You can customize your look every day for only 145L$ per make-up set

In the CCD mainstore you can find the single make-up sets and also a discounted fat pack. The cost of a fat pack is 100 L$ per make-up set. Please do try the demo before you make any purchases.

Welcome to the new possibilities of Second Life Viewer 2!


"Kat" - Reflective Jewelry (shown in white)

New from Caithlin Carter Designs, “Kat” Reflective Jewelry.  Available in white, gold and black, “Kat” comprises earrings, necklace and bracelets and is exquisitely designed to bring out the very best in CCD Reflective Diamonds.

As with all CCD Reflective Jewelry, “Kat” features the most amazing jewels and will look sumptuous and elegant with any outfit.  “Kat” will definitely turn heads so prepare to be noticed in this latest new release from Caithlin Carter.

"Kat" (gold)

"Kat" (black)

Excellence Prim Nails + Ring

"Excellence" - Long Prim Nails + Ring

Available now at Caithlin Carter Designs in 10 amazing colours, “Excellence” Prim Nails + Ring.  This new release features a long nail design which blends incredible colours and textures with CCD diamonds as well as a ‘knot’ ring set featuring beautiful Reflective Diamonds.

“Excellence” takes earth tones and colours and combines these rich shades with the glistening glamour of scintillating diamonds.  Perfect with your favourite cocktail dress or your most elaborate formal gown, “Excellence” is a truly inspirational addition to your glamorous wardrobe.


Samantha Wedding Gown (White) - detail

Available now at the CCD mainstore, Caithlin has released a collection of evening gowns and bridal wear.  The complete collection can be seen on the product pages of the CCD Blog here.

The wedding gowns ‘Samantha’ and ‘Veronique’ feature exquisite detailing and a variety of skirts and prim accessories.  Matched with elegant reflective diamond jewelry and a wide choice of wedding rings (also available at the CCD mainstore), your complete wedding ensemble is now available in just one location.

Released in 12 sumptuous colours, ‘Uma’, ‘Ingrid’ and ‘Olilly’ teams beautiful haute couture design with ultimate flexibility.  Each evening gown comes with a choice of long or short designs and an array of prim accessories to suit your taste or mood.  With a choice of long skirt for the evening gown or shorter skirt for a more ‘cocktail dress’ look, these new CCD releases are appropriate for almost any occasion.













CCD Vanity

'Vanity' - Caithlin Carter Designs

The last remaining ‘Vanity’ jewelry set has recently been sold.  Caithlin made only 10 of these beautiful limited-edition sets and 10 lucky customers are now the exclusive owners of these wonderful jewels.  Glamorous and highly exclusive, ‘Vanity’ has become a trademark collection for CCD.  In this post, ‘Vanity’ is modelled by Kat Svenska.

SL Enquirer

Caithlin was recently interviewed by Lacy Muircastle of the SL Enquirer in her ‘Spotlight On‘ section of the popular online newspaper.  Answering questions about CCD, jewelry design as well as her real life jewelry preferences; this is a truly in-depth insight into CCD and Caithlin’s work here in SL.

Lacy writes “Jewellery serves only one purpose: it makes people happy, both those who give it and those who receive it. Jewellery celebrates special people and the significant moments in their lives. It creates and reflects beautiful memories. It also takes a special talent to design jewellery and in Second Life one of the most renowned jewellery designs is Caithlin Carter of CCD. I can personally attest to the fact that her work is absolutely stunning and visiting her store is always dangerous for the wallet.

Read the complete interview here.

Katherine Comet wearing 'Patty'

Overall Winner - Katherine Comet wearing 'Patty'

The overall winner of the CCD Reflecting Jewelry photo competition is Katherine Comet.  With a competition running over 3 months, there was an enormous selection of stunning photographs to enjoy and CCD received over 65 entries in total.  Of these entries, December’s photograph of Katherine Comet wearing Patty truly impressed, combining not only great technique and an excellent portrayal of CCD jewelry but also a real artistic flare and a great sense of elegance and beauty.

CCD Reflective Jewelry Competition - All Winners

The winners from each of the past months are shown in the montage above and all your contributions can be seen on the CCD Flickr page.  A huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who took the time to contribute photographs and sincere congratulations to Katherine for her truly inspiring winning entry.