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Best Jewelry Designer Award

One of the most special things that happened to me this year (2009) was receiving the award of “Best Jewelry Designer” in SL.  Yay!  This is my first award and i’m very proud that so many people have enjoyed wearing my jewelry.  I’ve shown a picture of the award here and put the real thing in my mainstore to the left of the modelling area so, if you’re interested, please come by and take a look 🙂  This award from the ‘Classic with Style Corporation’ means a great deal to me and I am so happy to have won such an amazing prize.

In December 2008, I finished work on my new mainstore which is now open for business. I finally finished work on this around Christmas!  Well, i can’t say its really finished as I’m still working on the decorations and furnishings but the store is definitely open. This new store is much bigger than the old one and I hope that it makes a better setting for my designs.  There is now much more space for everything and I have included a brand new modelling area for the team of beautiful models who work at CCD.

Another new thing about CCD is the new live modelling team.  CCD now has 30 stunning models who wear my jewelry and accessories as well as the gowns.  I’m very fortunate to have found such a great team. Thank you girls!