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Photographs from the CCD Grand Opening and Fashion Show

CCD Fashion Show (Caithlin Carter wearing 'Vanity' & Models)

Despite some nerve-wracking last-minute problems with my Sim, the recent CCD Grand Reopening and Fashion Show opened on time and was a real success.  I wanted to thank all of you who found the time to come along and watch the CCD models wearing some of my latest Reflective Jewelry and Prim Nails + Ring.  I’m sure you will agree that the CCD models who performed at the Fashion Show did an amazing job and I’m really proud to have such a great team working with me at Caithlin Carter Designs.  I made my own debut on the catwalk at this event wearing the exclusive limited edition ‘Vanity’ Jewelry set and I really enjoyed this totally new experience and the thrill of hosting what was a really exciting event for me.

I would like to thank the CCD models who took part in the show – Adriana Ellisson, Amberlea Nitely, Arianah Markova, Isabella Wikifoo, Janet Nitely & Mailen Karu – and, of course, Kat Svenska and Naiya Kazyanenko for organising things so beautifully.


CCD Fashion Show - Nina Reflective Jewelry

CCD Fashion Show - Felicity Reflective Jewelry

CCD Mainstore Grand Opening & Fashion Show

CCD - Fashion Show - Reflective Jewelry

CCD Fashion Show - Reflective Jewellery

On the 8th of November at 12 PM SLT, I am holding the grand reopening of the CCD Mainstore.  This event will feature a fashion show where my new Reflective Jewelry collection will be modelled alongside selected items from my Prim Nails + Ring sets.  This promises to be an exciting and glamorous occasion where you will have an opportunity to see the ultra-realistic diamonds of the Reflective Jewelry collections and be dazzled by the shine and sparkle of these these amazing jewels.

Featuring a number of beautiful CCD models, I am also planning to make my own debut on the catwalk and, at the end of the show, I will hand out an exquisite gift to thank my customers and friends for their continued support.  It would be wonderful to see you and your friends at this show and I hope that you will enjoy the sparkle and glamour of my new Reflective Jewelry.  An SLURL to this event can be found here.


Update (11 May 09)

CCD Fashion Show (Fashion in-Look) - 10 May 09

CCD Fashion Show (Fashion in-Look) - 10 May 09

Before I even begin writing this update, I wanted to thank all of you who worked so hard to make the CCD Fashion Show today a success.  I want to thank Naiyah Dreamscape in particular for her amazing work in organising the models and, of course, the models themselves who took time to rehearse and work through some pretty tough conditions at the show.  I hope you all agree that the show was a lot of fun and I hope that those of you who came to watch had as much of a good time as I did and enjoyed seeing my latest designs being worn by the most beautiful models in SL.

This event was an opportunity for me to release 20 new complete outfits (gowns, jewellery, lashes and nails) and I have placed a new set of vendor boards at the front of my Main Store at Holland Coast2.  Offering pre-coordinated complete outfits is a new approach for me but I really wanted to do something different this time and the Fashion Show was such a great opportunity to produce a whole ‘look’ for each model, I simply had to offer these ‘looks’ to the wider community of fashion-conscious women of SL as well.

Latex Zemlja took a lot of pictures at the Fashion Show and these are available on his FlickR pages here.  The complete set of outfits in this new release can also be found here on the blog.



Latest News


Best Jewelry Designer Award

One of the most special things that happened to me this year (2009) was receiving the award of “Best Jewelry Designer” in SL.  Yay!  This is my first award and i’m very proud that so many people have enjoyed wearing my jewelry.  I’ve shown a picture of the award here and put the real thing in my mainstore to the left of the modelling area so, if you’re interested, please come by and take a look 🙂  This award from the ‘Classic with Style Corporation’ means a great deal to me and I am so happy to have won such an amazing prize.

In December 2008, I finished work on my new mainstore which is now open for business. I finally finished work on this around Christmas!  Well, i can’t say its really finished as I’m still working on the decorations and furnishings but the store is definitely open. This new store is much bigger than the old one and I hope that it makes a better setting for my designs.  There is now much more space for everything and I have included a brand new modelling area for the team of beautiful models who work at CCD.

Another new thing about CCD is the new live modelling team.  CCD now has 30 stunning models who wear my jewelry and accessories as well as the gowns.  I’m very fortunate to have found such a great team. Thank you girls!