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New release – French manicure nails + Nail hud

These realistic french manicure nails come with a complete, but very easy to use, Nail HUD.

Caithlin - Nail HUD - French ManicureFeatures of the Natural Nails HUD:

  • With the HUD you can choose and select the shape of the nails and the textures of every individual nail.
  • Shapes: Square, round, pointed, stiletto nail
  • Textures: 24 natural nail textures (french manicure)
  • The HUD also allows you to change the brightness and glow.
  • The HUD also contains a hand animation. Depending on the animations you run, your nails do not always seem to attached to your fingers. With this hand animation you prevent your nails to go off your fingers. No matter what kind of animation you run.
  • You can reset the HUD if somehow the scripts aren’t working for you.
  • You can minimize and maximize the HUD.

The nails come in handsize 10 and 20. The permissions of the nails are: Copy.

Quick start:

  1. Wear the nails and HUD
  2. Click the hand you like to customize (both, left or right)
  3. Click the finger you like to customize (all, thumb, index, middle, ring or pinky)
  4. Then you either click the nail shape or texture you like.
  5. And you’re done!

Click here to purchase the french manicure nails + Nail HUD.

After you purchased these nails and Nail hud, please write a review. Though if you’re not satisfied with this Nail HUD, please let me know the reason and you will get your money back. Just send me your feedback and your transaction history. I want to provide every avatar in Second Life the best quality accessories.