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Custom Request

If time allows, I do undertake custom jewellery requests. Please read the notes below before submitting a request:


In order to undertake a custom design, I will need a notecard from you and the title of this notecard should be  “CCD – Custom Request – <your name>

1. Please enclose a full description or picture of what you would like to have made.

2. Is the jewelry for a male or female bodyshape ?

3. Do you want the jewelry to be exclusive?

4. How many items of jewelry would you like to have? (for example – necklace + earrings + bracelets  = a total of 5 pieces)

5. What colours and gems would you like? (for example –  type of metal, colour of diamonds, colour of pearls?)

6. Would you like your jewelry to be scripted?

  • retexture                         yes or no
  • recolour                           yes or no
  • bling control                   yes or no
  • glow control                   yes or no

*(if you add scripts to the jewel, you can only modify the jewel with scripts)

7. What permissions would you like for your jewelry (modify/copy/transfer)?

8. When does this custom design need to be finished?

9. Can I use your name as a reference on the blog for other customers? Including the picture of your custom jewelry?

10. If you answered all these questions, please send your notecard to Caithlin Carter. I’ll respond as soon as I can.



Jaymz Pearl, requested an exclusive engagement ring + matching wedding set on the 22nd of December 2009.

The exclusive engagement ring is made of 3 rows of reflective square diamonds, finished with 3 marquis diamonds on top. Two smaller ones on each side and the biggest one in the center.

This whole set is included in the animated jewelry box. Good luck!!


Gracie Verwood, requested an exclusive crown  on the 17th of December 2009.

The crown is made of platinum with reflective diamonds. The center gem is scripted and available in multiple colours. Another feature of this exclusive crown is “resize”.


“Ode to Holland” is especially made for Melanie Sautereau, Miss Holland, for the Miss Virtual World 2010 pageant.

Miss Holland did a great job and she gained a place in the top 10 finalists besides becoming Miss Photogenic. The set is made of Reflective Jewelry.  This design should really resonate with all the ‘Dutchies’ n Second Life.


CCD - Ohren Beck - Custom Long Prim Nails + Custom RingOhren Beck, requested 2 custom prim nail and ring designs on the 10th of November 2009.

These designs, called: Piano and Celtic include fine nail art. Both collections are combined the same custom ring design. One in silver and the other one in gold.


CCD - Exclusive - True Love Ring SetLucian Svenson, requested an exclusive ring set on the 11th of September 2009.

This set includes 2 exclusive rings, 1 female ring and 1 male ring. The metals that are used for these rings are: white gold, yellow gold, red gold and titanium, combined with 4 diamonds for the male ring and only 128 diamonds for the female ring.


CCD - Exclusive Wedding SetRob1977 Moonites, requested an exclusive wedding set on the 31st of August 2009.

This wedding ring set includes three rings in total, a male wedding ring, a female wedding ring and a female engagement ring. One of the remarkable things about these rings are the square shaped diamonds in the rings. The features of these rings: resize, glow and bling control. The female engagement ring is added to the CCD – Animated jewelry box with proposal animation.


Exclusive Tristan BraceletKiara Hedrick, ordered an exclusive  male bracelet on the 23rd of August 2009. This bracelet includes 3 different metals (silver, steel and gold) plus (colourable) bling control.


Khloe Kondor - Perfect RingsKhloe Kondor, ordered a male and female ring. These rings have their initials K&K in them.The comment she made: 2009/July/20  [5:06]  Khloe Kondor: I love them. [5:06]  Khloe Kondor: cannot thank you enough.


CCD - Custom Watch - CelticToniT Oh, ordered a celtic watch for a friend. This was the sweet comment she made on the 2nd of June 2009 [7:24]  ToniT Oh: the watch was a huge hit 🙂 [7:24]  ToniT Oh: I can’t thank you enough 🙂


CCD - Wedding Ring - Alatiel & DeanAlatiel Malies & Dean Clowes, ordered wedding rings for her wedding on the 25th of March 2009. Her comment on the designs: [6:29]  Alatiel Malies: absolutely fantastic, no lag great design, fantastic service 🙂 great price 🙂


Comments on: "Custom Request" (9)

  1. Caithlin,

    I can’t tell you enough how happy I am with my custom made gift for my fiance Tristan. He is going to be so very excited when he receives it. Thank you for not only being very very quick in making it but even making it better then I ever expected. Your so friendly and I’m happy to say I’ll be buying from you again in the near future!


  2. Rob1977 Moonites said:

    I just had to say, Caithlin, what an amazing job… you’re an absolute professional, your service couldn’t have been better and your input was invaluable, not to mention the final design, just look at it! Fantastic!!! xD

  3. Lucian and Thais said:

    We want said that Caithin is a realy good jeweler, we remain impressed by her work and her fast way to understand what we wanted.
    We want do a special thanks to her, she is a realy good designer and her work is very impressive for us.

    Thank you again Caithlin, we remain impressed and will never say enough how your work is good 🙂
    We wish you have many pleasure with your great job Caithlin you deserve it, special thanks to you from us.

    Lucian, Thais.

  4. Tempest Hennesy said:

    Having been referred by Miss Costa Rica of SL, I was thrilled at the quality and design of the nails, and the nails + rings combination. I didn’t, though, want to give up my wedding ring, so when I asked to have one created it was done in quicker time than it takes me to pick out shoes! Granted, it could have been that Caithlin had time to spare that morning, but the end result was better than I could have hoped for. I would highly recommend it; custom or off the rack… and I will!

    Tempest Hennesy,
    Career SL Model

  5. Having being referred by Tempest Hennesy, i did not expect to discover what i did the day i visited Caithlin Carter’ store, which lead me to asking for custom nails made in my image and style.. Having custom nails made exactly as requested is not something we get to see everyday. I love my custom nails and they’s not left my fingers since i received them last week.

    No amount of words can describe her professionalism and quest for quality, but…

  6. Caithlin,

    Thank you, for giving me the perfect jewelry set for MVW 2010. Thank you, for knowing what I wanted and needed. Thank you for being such a wonderful person Caithlin, with such a great talent for creating the finest and most luxury jewerly!
    The set is really amazing and looks so real!! I’m very, very happy with and and I can’t thank you enough. It’s even better then I had in mind.. I will wear this set with much pride and honor at the final evening and after.

    Thank you so much again…..xoxox

  7. Samantha Ohrberg said:

    Recently submitted a request to Caithlin to have a custom necklace, earrings and bracelets made for one of my Brides as a special surprise from the Groom… The turnaround time for completion of the request was incredible. The detail Caithlin put into each piece was phenomenal. I was ecstatic with the final pieces and the Bride & Groom were blown away and extremely happy.

    I personally look forward to working with Caithlin in the near future… Thank you Caithlin…

  8. I choose Caithlin do design our Four Season Modelling Crown, as I felt after walking around her stores, she shared the passion for design and detail which I feel is important to any jewellery we wear in Second Life.
    I wanted a crown that spoke volumes. It not only had to be elegant but would be fitting for any Four Season Model to wear, when they have been crowned the winner either per season or as Ms Four Season 2010.
    After discussing with Caithlin the design of the crown and with helpful suggestions from her, a beautiful crown was made for me, which if you check her website you will see how beautiful it is.
    Excellent work and craftmenship from Caithlin Carter and look forward to working with her on future projects
    Gracie Verwood
    House Of Windsor Collection
    Thank you.

  9. jaymz pearl said:

    I wanted to do a custom exclusive ring for my now partner (woo hoo ). Caithlin was the perfect person for the job. My partner is a wedding planner and she raves to her customers about Caithlin. So when I planned to get a ring for my partner it was only fitting that I went to her for our wedding set.

    I was not disappointed! She quickly had a concept for me and a finished product within days. The rings had amazing detail and we both loved them!!

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